every little thing we do is in the name of tea!

A sip of good tea can brighten up your mood. At Namma Café, our specially crafted tea mixes do just that… with every sip, every day. Our pursuit is to give you the best tea experience, every single time. Sabaash seriyana tea is not just a punch line for us, it is that very essence of magic that’s captured in your cup.

Namma café could be a pit stop between a very busy day; or a meet up point for friends and colleagues; or just a very personal moment to enjoy your cup of favorite tea. Whatever might be the reason for you to stop by, we make sure you have an interesting mix of things to choose from our menu. From Karupatti tea to Sulaimani; from Sukku Malli to Irani; from Mutta Puff to the nostalgic Bun Butter Jam… you can enjoy the magic of good taste in every sip, or bite you take at Namma Café.